Services We Provide

Crane Health Check up

Regular assessment of material handling equipment is vital due to the significant wear and tear it experiences throughout its life cycle. At Bharat Cranes, we offer comprehensive health check-up services for cranes. Our technical experts provide detailed reports and recommendations, giving you valuable insights into the condition of your cranes. With this information, you can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to enhance safety and prolong the lifespan of your equipment. Our thorough check-ups cover all crane components, ensuring their integrity and compliance with industry and safety standards.

Crane & Hoist Overhauling

To improve the service life of your equipment, Bharat Cranes provides expert crane and hoist overhauling services. Our specialists conduct a detailed technical assessment to accurately identify the necessary measures for refurbishment or replacement of electrical components, drives, and other critical parts. Once the overhauling process is complete, we certify your rejuvenated cranes for safe use, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Modification / Relocation

In the capital goods industry, it is common to write off assets after a project is completed. However, through engineering interventions, the life of equipment can be extended, making it suitable for reuse in other projects. Bharat Cranes specializes in crane modification and relocation projects, saving our customers time and effort in procuring new equipment. Typical modification projects include enhancing Safe Working Load (SWL), altering crane span, and enabling adjustable height. After these modifications, the crane can be reused in different projects and locations, reducing the need for additional investments.

Annual Maintenance contract & Preventive maintenance

In addition to regular health checks, cranes require structured preventive maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation and maintain their optimal condition. Bharat Cranes offers Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) that cover all components of your cranes, ensuring their integrity and performance at all levels of use. Our AMCs also provide timely insights on the health of worn-out parts, enabling you to plan for replacements and avoid unexpected production downtime.

Emergency Breakdown Attendance

Bharat Crane is well-equipped to handle all types of electrical, mechanical, or structural repairs that may be required for any make of cranes. Our workshop, staffed by a team of crane specialists, can handle extensive jobs such as structural repairs or fabrication. With the technical expertise of a crane manufacturer, we can restore your cranes to better specifications and ensure their smooth operation.

Operational Training

Proper training of crane operators is crucial for safe and reliable operations. At Bharat Crane, we offer specially designed crane operator training programs that enable operators to make optimal use of the equipment, ensure safe operations, and conduct periodic checks for areas that require attention. Additionally, we can assist with performance planning and reporting to enhance overall crane performance.

Spares Installation

Over time, cranes may require parts replacement or changes to wear and tear items. Bharat Crane helps identify and install high-quality spare parts for crane upgrades. With a wide range of spares in stock, we ensure prompt availability of vital components. Our team of experts can also develop custom parts specifically tailored to your application. Additionally, we supply various accessories such as load limiters with displays, radio remote controls, and aerial platforms, simplifying crane ownership, operation, and maintenance.

Crane Erection & Commissioning

Bharat Crane offers comprehensive crane erection and commissioning services, leveraging our design and manufacturing experience. We collaborate with our customers from blueprint and floor plan review to ensure safe, timely, and cost-effective installations. Our team of engineers and technicians possesses extensive expertise in installing cranes in challenging terrains and climatic conditions, overcoming site-specific challenges to achieve timely project completion.

Crane Inspection

Regular crane inspections and preventive maintenance are essential for safety and productivity. At Bharat Crane, we offer comprehensive crane inspection services to identify risks, improve compliance, and reduce downtime. Our experienced team conducts thorough assessments and develops customized maintenance plans based on your equipment, application, and duty cycle. By proactively addressing issues and optimizing performance, we help you enhance the reliability and safety of your cranes. Schedule a crane inspection with Bharat Crane to ensure optimal performance, minimize disruptions, and create a safer working environment.