Manufacturing Facility

We have our manufacturing facility spread over 5058 sq. Meters with state of art machinery like CNC Gas Cutting machines, Saw welding machines, and dedicated machine shop with set radial Drilling Machines, Lathe Machines, Milling Machines to focus machined components under our assured quality which itself ensure to have the best machined and self-inspected jobs on the floor.

Customized Solution

Apart from the range of standard products, we offer consultation services to manufacture indigenous System are made after detailed problem analysis and discussion with the Customer, so as to come up with the optimum solution at the most effective cost keeping in mind safety and quality.

The cranes offered by Bharat Cranes have several notable features, including:

  • Modular design incorporating German motors.
  • Gearbox that is hardened and ground for enhanced durability.
  • Lightweight construction for ease of handling.
  • Noise-free operation for a quieter work environment.
  • Fully machined end trucks and main body for precise performance.
  • Optimized and compact design that maximizes available working space.
  • Smooth and jerk-free operations facilitated by variable frequency drives (VFD).
  • Low maintenance requirements and easy upkeep.
  • Overload weight tripping feature to ensure safety during operation.
  • Girder or pendent display for convenient load monitoring.
  • Control options such as radio remote control (RRC) or joystick control.
  • Energy-efficient design that helps save power.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a global network of partners and associates, positioning ourselves as a leading manufacturer of cranes and material handling systems worldwide.

Our Mission

At the core of our mission is the commitment to offer our customers superior products that embody outstanding performance, safety, and feasibility. Through our exceptional designs and manufacturing techniques, we strive to consistently deliver top quality.

Director’s Massage

At Bharat Cranes, we are driven by a vision of technological advancement and a relentless pursuit of delivering solutions and support that align with future opportunities. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is guided by the following quality policy.

Bharat Cranes is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and providing equipment, installation, and servicing of EOT cranes and material handling solutions that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We recognize the importance of continual improvement, and therefore, we strive to develop, implement, maintain, and continuously enhance our quality management system in accordance with international standards.

Through our steadfast adherence to this quality policy, we aim to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that are of the highest quality, meeting all requirements, and delivered in a timely manner. We are resolute in our commitment to achieving excellence in all aspects of our operations and continually raising the bar to exceed industry standards.