Capacity : 1 MT to 200 MT

Bharat's double girder cranes are renowned for their robust construction and find extensive applications across a wide range of hoisting capacities and industries. These cranes are designed to deliver exceptional performance in demanding environments, particularly in sectors such as steel, metal, and other heavy-duty industries.

With safe working loads (SWLs) ranging from 1 ton to 200 tons, our double girder cranes are equipped with fully customized crabs, including open winch type crabs. These cranes are highly versatile, offering flexibility in duty cycles, spans, heights of lift, and customizable speeds. They can be configured with multiple hoisting trolleys operating on the same bridge or auxiliary hoisting mechanisms on the primary trolley. Precise control over all motions is achieved through the implementation of variable frequency drives.

Bharat's double girder cranes are engineered to deliver superior performance, reliability, and efficiency, meeting the diverse needs of heavy-duty industries. Their rugged construction and advanced features make them an ideal choice for applications requiring high speed and high lifting capacities.