Capacity : 1 MT to 200 MT

A semi gantry crane is a versatile crane system that consists of a trolley, hoist, and bridge mechanism. What sets it apart from traditional gantry cranes is its unique design, as it only requires runway support on one side. While one end carriage of the semi gantry crane travels along a regular gantry rail, the opposite end carriage moves on a rail mounted on the ground or at a lower elevation. This configuration offers greater flexibility in installation, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Our expertly crafted semi gantry cranes are specifically designed to optimize floor space utilization. They can be conveniently installed below an existing EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) crane, enhancing overall work efficiency without causing any disruption to its operations. These cranes are particularly beneficial in scenarios where partial utilization of the bay is required, such as tool rooms, or in outdoor sites where a gantry rail can be mounted alongside an existing structure.

Bharat Crane's semi gantry cranes exemplify precision engineering and superior craftsmanship, delivering exceptional performance and adaptability. They offer a practical and efficient solution for maximizing space utilization and expanding operational capabilities across various industrial applications.